Loan against property – Loan against Mortgage of Property

Everyone has certain dreams for their personal life. But, due to uncertainties present in the life, a gap is created between our dreams and the reality. Loan against property could help you to fulfill this gap.Loan against Property is given by the banks by mortgaging your property with them. Banks could give you the loan from 50% – 70 % of the market value of your property according to their rules and regulation and property type (whether the property is residential, leased residential or commercial property. Mahima Agencies help you obtain Loan against industrial property,residential property etc.
Now every bank is ready to approve affordable & flexible loan on simple documentation. These institutions are also ready to give you easy repayment options. Now, Banks provide simple EMI facility, low interest rates and also the longer tenure for the repayment.

Banks give the Loan against Property for the following Purpose:

• To expand the existing business
• Home renovation
• To purchase a new property
• Expenses in the wedding of daughter & son
• For child’s higher education
• medical expenses
• To fund your vacation etc.
On Which Type of Property You Could Take Loan?
• Residential Property
• Leased Residential
• Commercial Property
• Industrial property

Loan Against Property: Features and Benefits

Mortgaging existing property is a great way to get a loan at low interest rates to meet your current financial needs without actually selling off the same.

You can apply for a Loan against Property with MAHIMA AGENCIES and make use of this opportunity.

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